Dance Marathon

Various materials created for University of Maryland’s Dance Marathon– Terp Thon. My challenge in creating these materials was to establish a signature look for each event or component while still maintaining the overarching theme of the Terp Thon brand as well as the theme of the given year. 2012-2013’s motif was neon on black and the tagline was Party with a Purpose. 2013-2014’s motif was a throwback to the 1990s. The Color Run shirt mainly reflects the nature of the event– to be splattered with color throughout the run– and is therefore merely black on a clean white shirt. The rest of the 2014 materials reflect the 90s theme: the PR tank has a distinct retro vibe complete with Backstreet Boys lyrics and the event shirt derives from the Nickelodeon TV show, Legends of the Hidden Temple. Both infographics also reflect this theme with triangular and zig-zag elements and 90s color schemes.

Client: Terp Thon Dance Marathon
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